About Phantom House Books, NGR

At Phantom House Books, Nigeria,
we strive to offer our clientele the best of modern advances in publishing and in-house services.
We pride ourselves in being able to publish the most promising authors, and still provide a little over 200 (psst…and growing) customers the lowest priced books that can rival any traditional publishing house anywhere in the world.
It’s truly invigorating working here.


7 Replies to “About Phantom House Books, NGR”

    1. I read about your publication outfit. I am a writer living in Abuja and i need your contact phone no. xxx xxx xx xxxx xxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx

  1. I’m an aspiring christian novelist seeking MS assessment, editing & publishing services. may i know the costs for full length novel of 100000+

  2. hi, my name is Mike- i received a mail from Jeffery informing me that you were now my agent and i should contact you for further details on the adaptation of my manuscript which am expected to send the whole script to him.pls you can from Jeff, my name is Mike Effa and the title of the manuscript is ” the prisoners of africa”. my email address is – mikeeffa@yahoo.com.

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