Phantom House

Win this year’s $20,000 Museo de la Palabra Word and Concord ‘Mandela’ competition by attempting to write the world’s shortest story of not more than 100 words! Your story should only be in English, Hebrew, Arabic, or Spanish to win! Also, don’t forget to enter the code: 26452 into your submission link below to validate your entry!
Note that you will need to have some form of identification if you eventually win, but this will be used to disqualify multiple entries. Runners-up win $2000 each.
Best of Luck! And don’t forget to share this with at least three friends you know who you think can match you or can beat the challenge! Ends Nov. 23. DON’T FORGET THE CODE 26452 and DON’T FORGET TO SHARE…
Best of Luck!!!


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