Absolute Adjectives and Adverbs| Forward by Tn Odu, Literary Agent, Phantom House Books, Nigeria, LLC

We all have something to learn each day. Today will be no exception. One thing I’ve come to learn in this field is no matter how hard we try, we all make mistakes. Yet, it is no excuse to borrowing a pair of eyes to limit these faults in our writing. Even the best writers make mistakes—the silliest mistakes to speak the truth. Take my word for it.

Absolute Adjectives and Adverbs

Be aware that there are some adjectives and adverbs that should not be compared because of their meanings. One of the most frequently miscompared adjectives is unique, meaning one of a kind. Something cannot be more unique or most unique. Something is either one of a kind or it isn’t. Adjectives like this (and their adverbial forms) are absolute; absolute itself is an absolute adjective. Among others to watch out for are essential, meaning absolutely necessary; universal, meaning present everywhere; and immortal, meaning living forever. With these adjectives and adverbs, something either is or it isn’t, and therefore comparative degrees are meaningless.

Courtesy: http://www.projectenglish.org


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