How to edit and review an author’s work: A D.A.R.E REVIEW| A simple guide to a professional review| By Literary Agent, Tn Odu | Phantom House Books LLC


a D.A.R.E review is a primal form of a book review and simply means you Delete After Reading and Evaluating the manuscript (finished/unfinished).

The Review is done in three simple sweeps.


First SWEEP. The first sweep is the first read. During this sweep, it is paramount you get the general feel of the book.

DO NOT read for errors. DO NOT attempt to make any corrections during this sweep. Reading is all that is required.

Several Reviews have questionnaires attached to the review script to make it easier to sweep paragraphs, whole sections, and pages. If they are attached, answer them.


The basic questions that should be cruising through your mind during this sweep are:

Why you think this book/chapter/page/section will work/why it won’t work?

What makes it difficult to read/easy to read?

Is the story plausible/commendable/a sham?


IT IS IMPORTANT HERE TO NOTE: the fewer your words at this stage the more critical/direct/and unbiased your review will sound, which is constructive for the writer whose work is been reviewed, good or bad.



Second SWEEP. The second sweep is the second read. During this sweep, you are allowed to make changes following what software/editing tool you decide to use. You can also inculcate your own reading/editing strategy. You’re free to do as you wish. Read for syntax errors, spelling errors, and construction error; that is errors that you think rob a phrase or sentence of the intended or implied meaning.


The basic questions that should be cruising through your mind during this sweep are:

No one is that perfect, where are the bloody errors?!

Why can’t I understand a line? When and how did I get to this page?

What did he do wrong, why am I confused right about here?


IT IS IMPORTANT HERE TO NOTE: the more verbose/grandiose/explicit the words you use in this stage, the more constructive and easier it will be for the writer whose work is being reviewed to connect to your suggestions and the intended meaning of your review.



Last SWEEP. The third sweep is the final read. During this sweep you are allowed to read the story with your corrections to edit yourself and the reviewed writer. It is easier of the reviews and much simpler now. You are also allowed to check for disproportionate facts and figures, and changes in story content.


The basic questions that should be cruising through your mind during this sweep are:

Is he kidding? Did the writer just lie to me? But, the writer said a totally different name/number/subject/object/thing at the start of this episode?

I sound right/logical/funny/witty/smart/straight to the point/unbiased. What is making my review work?

On a scale of one to ten, do you think the featured author deserves to be a writer?


IT IS IMPORTANT HERE TO: SEND the Reviewed copy to its respectively Literary Agency and DELETE the document on your computer and in the recycle bin and the email through which it was sent immediately!!!

it is a standard practice, and the most valuable task you can do for the author.




| Phantom House Books Africa LLc | mEeT tHe aGenTs |

  1. Tn Odu

Tn is our youngest agent and is Phantom House Africa’s very own sponsored writer. He writes juvenile fiction and has accrued two award-winning titles, both of which have been featured here by Phantom House Africa. This BBC honored writer has been in the ‘writing gig’ since he was 16 and shows some exemplary skill and wit. He is presently reading law at a top UK university and hopes to graduate magnum cum laude. We clubber him with work, nonetheless.

He enjoys Middle Grade, Young Adult, all genres of fiction except historic, and in his own words sees non-fiction literary titles as ‘boring’.


2. Desmonde C. Clarke

this 68 year old editor has worked with Phantom House Books Africa for four years, which sadly is as long as he can remember.

Although he is urged to retirement by his fellow agents, Mr. Clarke’s is an invaluable asset to Phantom House. Desmond serves in a limited capacity at Phantom House Books and enjoys working with younger writers while thrilling them with his experiences as an editor. Mr. Clarke has served in various capacities at WD literary, Random House, Multnomah, and the highly vaunted New York Times. He also works with several other literary houses, of which Phantom House is one. We’ve limited Desmonde to non-fiction titles; autobiographies, memoirs, how-to-do’s. For fiction, we recommend only short stories due his age.


3. Cindy Lee Heon

Cindy writes for leisure and a greater number of her works and translations are published in Korean! Cindy has an MA in Creative Writing and teaches English in her home country. She is an active blogger and does a lot of travelling. Cindy accepts crime and historic manuscripts. Concerning non-fiction titles, cindy accepts only travel books. DO note that Cindy takes a while to respond.



To contact an agent, send an email to Jeffery, our very own whiz-kid, having the word SUBMISSION and the AGENT’S NAME as the mail’s subject line:

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Child Soldiers © 2010
War against War crimes in Africa

Description: Fiction / War & Military 
Type: Cream Paper. Paperback.
Release Date: May 31 2010
ISBN: 1461007542 / 9781461007548
Page Count: 190
Book price: $7.00

A child is born with no eye for right or wrong. Unstained by the impressions of what is to come, innocence or guilt. A truly open palette. Amenable, vulnerable and easily dyed in any color. The ultimate killer. The affordable soldier.

Luke Weldon visits Africa on a holiday trip to write a short paper on children his age in Africa. A leisure trip that ended after his abduction by the LRA to a notorious rebel camp. Luke is locked in a cage with some other children but soon wins the heart of another abducted child, the hard-nosed local girl, Junta Utakpa. In a few days, Luke and Junta attempt the ultimate escape from the camp. But there was one problem, a very huge problem. The Axe Man was the only way in and out of the rebel camp. If they truly wanted to escape, they both had to face him head on.

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Spirits of the Mist © 2009
the demon child story
Description: Fiction / Thrillers
Type: Cream Paper. Paperback.
Release Date: Nov. 3. 2009; Mar 03, 2011

ISBN: 1461021480 / 9781461021483

Page Count: 148

Book price: $6.00


The little village of Malagwa was like any other Eskimo village in the upper confines of the Arctic, except for the mischievous spirits who wafted across the lands in a cold mist to claim the lives of both children and adults. 

There was no hiding from the death grip of the spirits who entered igloos at their will. All the village’s families were too concerned with their own fears to bother with the other’s sorrows, yet one family lived the farthest, banished to the outskirts of Malagwa—a single mother and her daughter, Itherica, the Demon child.

During one of the community’s regular seances, conducted by the Soul Seeker of the Malagwan, the Witch Mother sees death, war, and another disturbing vision—that the spirits will soon come for Itherica. The villagers have no choice but to banish Itherica from Malagwa, hoping that the spirits will not snatch anyone else. 

The Malagwan named these spirits Jenagoa; playful, but downright mean child spirits with more than a score to settle with the Malagwan. But in time,  it becomes clear to the Malagwan that whoever seeks  truth in the dark will find something very different in its place.


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Titles from the African Continent, click here:

Mr. & Mrs. Rats
Description: Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology
Full Color. Paperback.

Date: Mar 03 2010

ISBN: 1460906128, 9781460906125

Book Price: $9.00


The tale of Mr. and Mrs. Rats is a classic story a young hard-headed rat who gets married to a complete stranger; a pretty python.
This story teaches us to carefully choose our friends, but most of all, to listen to the wise counsel of those more advanced in years. For what an old bird can see perching by a window, beats what a young eagle can spot soaring above the mountains.

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The Lady Frog and the Riverside Scorpion
Description: Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology
Full Color. Paperback.

Date: Jan 06 2010

ISBN: 1460906098 / 9781460906095

Book Price: $9.00


The Lady Frog and the Riverside Scorpion is a classic title of a naive and young lady frog who gets stung by a scorpion. It teaches that not many things change in life, and that when things do change, wisdom calls for a pinch of salt.


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So you think you are a bully?
Description: Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology
Full Color. Paperback.

Date:May 31 2010
ISBN:1460918010 / 9781460918012

Book Price: $12.00



So you think you are a bully is a favorite of Phantom House books, being a classic story of how a Montessori middle grader learns to get back at her tyrannical playmate. Aisha learns to pick on her bully.
Bullies Beware!! All bullies think twice at Otega Elementary!


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First Chick Eater
Description: Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology
Full Color. Paperback.

Date: Sep 11 2010

ISBN:1460917987 / 9781460917985

Book Price: $11.00




The First Chick Eater is a classic African title of how the chicken fails to keep a promise to the kite. It teaches that we should all keep our promises to each other.


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3 wishes for a Magic Boy
Description: Fairy Tales, Folklore & Mythology
Full Color. Paperback.

Date: Jul 29 2010

ISBN: 1460917960 / 9781460917961


3 wishes for a Magic Boy is a classic story of the mind-bogging disappearance of the Nok civilization of Ancient Nigeria.
It tells of a witty Nok boy who encounters his 5000 year-old magical match. Who will outsmart who, we wonder?
A classic story from Jos that teaches us to speak less and listen more.

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